We help to relieve some of the financial and logistical stress associated with cancer treatment

Help Us… Be the Light in the Darkness

Having Cancer is hard. We help to relieve some of the financial and logistical stress associated with cancer treatment so that patients can focus on getting well.

We strive to Be the Light in the Darkness by assisting cancer patients and their families during their treatment. We provide financial assistance for:


Patients shouldn't have to deal with the additional stress of finding lodging during cancer treatment.


Providing meals to cancer patients during treatment often goes overlooked. We support cancer patients by providing meals


There are a lot of financial and logical costs incurred during cancer treatment. We provide financial assistance.

About Be The Light

I fully understand these feelings.  I am a cancer survivor.  In addition, my wife passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Along with the pain me and my two children also had to deal with the day to day financial burdens.

As a retired Navy Veteran I know how valuable a helping hand can be, or as my wife would say..”A bright light in the darkness.”

So I started the Be the Light Foundation, inc. to assist the families of cancer patients with the financial and logistical challenges they face. 

Thank You - Ceroma Love

Current support systems are not enough.  Very few actually address the needs of the family while someone is dealing with cancer.  Systems and financial help should be available to assist these families.

We need your donations to help out these families


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Make a Difference

By supporting this foundation families of cancer patients will no longer feel helpless, or hopeless.  You will know that your support is helping those in need and is greatly appreciated. 

Without your help, these families will continue to suffer the financial loss as well as the hard decision of having to decide between money for the family and funds to spend time with their loved ones.

You feel the need to help.  Now you can. Please Donate.